10 Years — Recap From Our Anniversary Celebration

10 Years — Recap From Our Anniversary Celebration

In our first Journal, we are looking back at our 10-year anniversary, which we celebrated in the autumn of 2023. The anniversary were marked by a series of activities, including an exhibition showcasing 10 key products from the preceding decade, a giveaway and two celebratory parties. 

On the evening of October 13th, a group of people who inspire us and have contributed to Kollekted by in various ways over the years were invited to celebrate our anniversary with a festive dinner. The store space was transformed with a few simple touches into a long table with candles for our guests, encouraging them to find their favorite chair from our store to sit on.

It became a night to remember, savoring a tasteful dinner that was prepared and served using the simple cooking facilities in our store by our friends at Babbo Collective. The meal included, among other dishes, oysters, tartar, sourdough bread with whipped butter, pickled vegetables, cardamom buns, graved fish and greens with flavorful sauces.

As the evening unfolded, candles flickered and laughter filled the air, it became a heartwarming reminder of the community around Kollekted by over the past decade. Here's to many more years of shared moments, inspiration, and evolving together on this journey.

Photography by Linda Christiansen